Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's like you're my mirror [Texas!]

Tuesday night, I was invited to go to the San Antonio Justin Timberlake concert with Mark along with his sister and brother-in-law who flew in from SLC (another reason why you should stay friends with your exes, folks). [What's up, Texas?!*] Mark's sister Jenni is 32 weeks pregnant and flew into the 100+ degree heat to see him for the third time this year, so needless to say she loves JT more than Jaden Smith loves himself. [Texas!]

Justin came on 30 minutes earlier than scheduled (and since I'm an old lady, I did not mind. Texas!). The first 10-ish songs or so were upbeat, so JT danced literally the whole time. It was quite impressive and he can move it, but from where we were sitting, he kind of looked like Macklemore with his haircut [Texas!]. 

Not only does Justin Timberlake have the Macklemore thing going on, he also reminds me of my brother. Okay, more like SNL JT than has-really-good-dance-moves JT, but close enough that I can't possibly even see him as a sex symbol even when he's hip thrusting the audience [Texas!].

[Note to readers: I told my brother this and he said something like, "But not the denim JT, right?"]

The first 25 minutes of the 2.5hr set (and well done, Mr. Stamina, for making it seem like you weren't tired even though sweat was dripping off your face [Texas!]), JT danced, sung, and said, "How y'all doing tonight?!" at least fourteen times. ("How y'all doing in the back?! Yeaaah, how are y'all over on this side?") 

At one point, he was wearing a shirt with lightning print on it that from where we were sitting looked so much like my brother's old Nine Inch Nails shirt that I couldn't stop giggling at how if JT was my brother, I'd slap him upside the head for telling a 12yo happy birthday and then cursing immediately after. Role model, dude. [Texas!]

There was another awkward point where JT said, "I'm in the city of the world champions, San An-ton-io! [Texas!]" and then everybody cheered and someone started a Go Spurs Go chant. For those who aren't San Antonians or have never seen a Spurs game, the chant is "Go Spurs go! Go Spurs go!" We're very inventive [Texas!]. Anyway, JT was all about it...except he didn't realize there was a second "go" as part of the chant, and he was trying to egg us on with "What?!"s. It ended up sounding like, "Go Spurs [what?] go go! [what?] spurs go! [what?]." Not your best moves, JT. 

All in all, it was actually a pretty rockin' concert [Texas!]. I like JT's music, plus Mark, Jenni, and Ryan were good company (and even 32 weeks pregnant, Jenni has dance moves better than 99% of people I know). It also solidified how good of a performer Justin is (even though he sung zero 'N SYNC songs and said "Texas!" more times than I could count), and how insane it is that someone can dance for a solid 2.5 hours while simultaneously singing and winking at the ladies. I was impressed.

My favorite part was after the concert, when sweet pregnant Jenni literally chased down a Tennessee Kid (JT's backup band) to get a photo. This girl is dedicated.

Have you ever seen JT live?! What did you think?

*I wanted to make it clear to any musical celebrities that are reading my blog that your fans will cheer for you the whole damn night, you don't have to shout out where you are every other line. I wish this was an overestimation of the number of times JT screamed out "Texas!," but it's not even close.


Christina said...

Love your recap! I saw him in January here in Seattle and it really was an amazing show. I've always liked him, but really LOVED him after seeing him live. He gives it his all! I'd go again if he came back.

Jaz said...

This recap makes me that much more excited to see him again in December. I feel like he's always so excited when he's down here in Texas. He even sang "Deep in the Heart of Texas" at both the Houston and Dallas shows last year. Too cute!

Michelle said...

I saw him last November and died of happiness. When he sang songs from his first solo album I immediately felt like I was back in high school. Love him forever.

Kim @ Kimberleys Quests said...

I just saw him in July, he does put on quite a show. Even up here in Canada he said y'all about 100 times, so at least he wasn't showing off for you! He was pretty awesome live though and that moving stage amazed me (I haven't been to a big show in like 10 years, so I have no idea if everyone does that now)! I was disappointed he didn't even tease an N'Sync song though, I mean even a little Bye, Bye, Bye. C'mon JT.

Whitney H said...

I. am. so. JEALOUS. Seriously. Want to cry.

Brittany said...

I love Justin. He is the best. I saw him last summer and this winter and I still want more!! I think Jenni and I would be great friends.