Monday, August 18, 2014

Song lyrics I can't get behind

Do you ever listen to songs you used to love when you were growing up and realize that you couldn't believe a) your parents let you listen to it, and b) that you had no clue what they were really saying?

Case in point, the Shirelles' "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow."

In case you don't know this song, it's basically about a woman who is debating sex with a dude and wants to know that he'll still be into her the next day ("Is this a lasting treasure or a moment's pleasure?").

Thank gosh the message was toned down (and a good reminder: don't make inappropriate sexual choices with men who may not actually love you tomorrow).

But, it got me thinking: I'm terrified for how songs will shape my future children. (Let's all forget for two seconds that I love Sisqo and Ginuwine, and I turned out okay. At least thus far.)

More evidence: Justin Timberlake. Since I went to his concert, I've been on a kick lately where all his upbeat songs are on my running playlist. I'm a fan, of course, but I kind of miss blonde-tipped-denim-wearin' Justin.

The first line of this song (TKO) is "Baby, everyday you're training to get the dog, that's why your body's crazy." Really, that's why I liked it--it was great motivation while running. But the background guy (Timbaland, of course) says, pretty much the whole time, "She kill me with that coochie-coo."


Ugh. I can't even handle it. And I'm slightly worried about my blog's search terms.

Now I can't stop listening to every song and thinking about what's really being said. Izzy's Fancy ("And my flow retarded, they speak it, depart it."). Jason DeRulo's Wiggle ("You know what to do with that big fat butt."). Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass ("My mama she told me don't worry about your size, she says boys like a little more booty to hold at night." --although I appreciate the good body image idea). And that's just what I could think of in the last few minutes.

Are there any songs whose lyrics made you think twice?


Kate said...

I think about this kind of stuff a lot. When I still worked at the middle school, I would hear the kids singing popular songs and think, "DEAR LORD! DO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE ACTUALLY SAYING?!"

Oh man. I was student teaching when that one 3OH!3's "Don't Trust Me" became super popular. It's a little unnerving to hear 6th graders sing, "Shush girl, shut your lips. Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips." Ick.

Christina said...

I didn't even realize the coochie coo part! LOL! There are a lot of songs with questionable lyrics. I always thought Britney's "sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, sometimes I'm scared of you" was creepy. Haha! There's a 30 Seconds to Mars song that says "I'll wrap my hands around your neck so tight with love." No. Just no.

Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

This. Ish.

Like you said - I think I turned out okay but we were definitely singing the Thong Song and Kelis's Milkshake on the playground in junior high. And, thinking nothing of it.

Fast forward to senior year of college as camp counselor for grade school kids at YWCA camp and hearing them singing "the lazy song" by bruno mars on the field trip bus.... "Turn the TV on, throw my hand in my pants
Nobody's gonna tell me I can't"


"Tomorrow I'll wake up, do some P90X Meet a really nice girl, have some really nice sex"



Brianne said...

I feel like a lot of that goes over kids' heads. Like have you gone back & listened to Nsync, BSB, Britney, Christina?! That stuff is so sexual but I didn't realize most of it until I was way older.

Betty said...

Yowza. I had no idea those were the words of those songs...which makes me realize that most of the songs I loved growing up probably weren't that great. Our poor parents.

Kim @ Kimberleys Quests said...

I remember being on a road trip with my family and listening to my Spice Girls tape when my older brother had finally had enough. He started pointing out all the inappropriate references which kind of ruined our good times for that night!

I try not to think about the inappropriate or offensive references because when I do I cringe and am so disgusted with myself. Sometimes when I'm really listening though I hear something that makes me cringe though and have to give that song up forever (recently, Blame It On The Alcohol by Jamie Foxx, "got the seats all wet in my ride, all over my ride" *barf, barf, barf*)

Katie Grimmer said...

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious.

It is weird I love love love Meghan Trainor's song *because* of those lyrics? Because that's why I love her song.

You need to re-listen to every Spice Girls' song ever made. No wonder my mom wouldn't let me listen to them in the fourth and fifth grade! Although my favorite is:
"We moon walk the fox trot, then polka the salsa. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it. Haka."


Brianne said...

Ahh thank you for reminding me about word crimes! I had every intention of showing it to all of my students on the first day. I guess my 1A class will just have to miss out & I'll share it with the rest.