Monday, August 4, 2014

Three years and counting

If you've been living under a rock (or don't see our Twitter exchanges), you would probably be surprised to know that my bestie is a Waco-born, Dallas-Cowboys-lover-from-birth Texan named Paul. If you know either of us, this information is not a surprise at all. (In fact, one of our mutual friends recently called us two peas in a weird-ass pod. I'm pretty sure it was a compliment.)

Anyway, my bestie-with-testes turned the big 3-1 this weekend, and since he has never gotten a proper blog tribute, I figured it'd be the perfect time to celebrate my favorite man.

He's also one of the funniest people I know, so if you don't know him, you're missing out! Proof from his blog:

We've shared three years of birthdays together, starting out with me insisting that Paul had to actually celebrate. He eventually gave in, starting the bestie trend of my bossiness and his willingness to comply to get me to shut up. #blessed

Here's us (err, him) grabbing Mexican food to celebrate his 29th birthday:

Last year, we decided to skip dinner and head straight for fro-yo to celebrate Paul's 30th. I refuse to call it a "Dirty Thirty" because I think it sounds gross, but let's just say there were sprinkles abound. I'm pretty sure this birthday celebration is one of my favorite Paul memories. 

This year wasn't as good as the last two because we couldn't spend it together (I should've been bossier and insisted he fly down to Texas), but I got a nice Skype conversation with TPH for a solid two hours while we talked about the Holocaust, football, and Dos Equis. We're weird.

Anyway, if you haven't already, go wish Mr. Hagan a happy 31st birthday and tell him how dashing he still looks in his old age.


Karenna said...

Bestie with testes ����!! LOL! Happy birthday, TPH! Gosh, Sar, you really crack me up.

Brianne said...

Happy Birthday to Paul!

Erin LFF said...

Your friendship is so awesome. And I'm jealous. Btw ;)

Katherine said...

I love a gal with a male BFF...we're few and far between. Happy Birthday,TPH (brb, dying of laughter from his blog).

Syndal said...

your bestie with testes?!? hahah omg!
you guys are hilarious.